Week 17: DONE!

Who knew that tapering could be so hard? I was starting to second guess myself as I started my taper schedule last week. Shorter mileage, should be easier right? Wrong. When is anything easy in marathon training.

I started worrying that perhaps I’ve been overtraining and that’s why the past two weeks have been so hard for me. It could be that it is just a mental hurdle. I’ve been looking forward to the taper weeks since the beginning of the program. Only four miles today? No big deal. I got this. During the rest of my training, the number of miles I was running each day was always daunting. I had to make myself mentally tough to get some of those workouts done. So could it be possible that since I let my mental guard down that “only” running 4 miles, felt like an eternity?

Needless to say. I just finished my last semi-long run. 8 miler today. It went a lot better than I had anticipated. Good run to end the week on. The confidence is increasing ever so slightly.

ONE MORE WEEK. San Diego, or bust!


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I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. I love Taco Bell, my puppy and creative things!

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