On the Road to Recovery

It’s been over a week that I completed my first MARATHON. I still need to write a recap of that experience. But first things first, this first week and a half after the marathon have been rough.

I’ve been attempting to follow Hal Higdon’s marathon recovery plan. I’ve already had to alter it as my knee is pretty beat up from the 26.2 miles.

On one hand (or foot, yes I get my humor from my father), I am going crazy not running. Running has become so much a part of my daily routine these past couple of years, not running is giving me cabin fever. And on the other foot, my body feels completely exhausted after the past four months of training and a ridiculously crazy busy personal/work life, I am wondering how I could ever be so disciplined in my training.

My brain knows that my body needs rest to recover. My brain knows that I really need to slow down and let my knee heal properly. But my heart just wants to run, run, and run some more. It’s official, I’m an addict.

I ran a 3 miler today. Two miles with no pain. I had to throw in some walk intervals the last mile as I started to feel some pain in the knee. I even wore a knee brace today. On the to-do list today is to research knee braces as the one I have is quite uncomfortable (and sweaty!). Any runners with knee problems out there have any suggestions? I mainly have problems with my IT band, but since the race the inside of my knee cap and back of the knee have also been bothering me.


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