Five Weeks In

Five weeks in, no turning back now. Well, that’s what I keep telling myself. Starting marathon training again has been a huge mental struggle. For my first marathon, I gladly (for the most part) got outside and accomplished my weekly runs. Perhaps it’s because I only had a few months break between my last marathon. Perhaps it’s because my body knows what’s required of it and is having a physical reaction. Perhaps it’s because my current schedule would make the Energizer Bunny fall over dead. Whatever the reason, training this time round has been anything but easy.

It has been taking every ounce of will power that I have to get myself out to run. I was set back a couple weeks ago by slicing my ankle open with a metal easel, another story for another post. Running is quite therapeutic for me, a time to decompress and reflect and run all the bad juju out of me. Yes, it’s still a much needed outlet. I’m just not enjoying it as much.

Mental block, be gone with you. It’s been real and it’s been nice, but it’s time for you to leave.

13 weeks to go.

I got this?


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I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. I love Taco Bell, my puppy and creative things!

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