Pumped Up Kicks

And so the saga begins of one pair of Newton running shoes. I bought these shoes at the end of November as I had made the transition to a mid foot strike. Lady Isaac is what I ended up with, seemed like it would be a good transition shoe for me.

I notice normal wear and tear, but after my run this week I looked down and noticed a tear forming.


Sad face! How could this already be happening?? My shoes were very dirty from running on trails, but I normally don’t notice this type of wear and tear until I’ve already retired them as running shoes.

Distressed, I did the first thing I could think of. I tweeted a photo of my shoes to Newton. Ten minutes after my tweet I got a response from them! See the conversation below:


Turns out I was under the 90 day window of being able to return your shoes to Road Runner Sports. They have a 90 day test run program. You have up to 3 months to decide whether or not you like the shoes, if you don’t like them you can bring them back and exchange them! I ended up calling Road Runner Sports and they suggested that I take them back to a local store so that I could get my new shoes faster.

I swung by on my way to work. The exchange was easy peasy lemon squeezy! Not only did I get a new pair of Newton’s but Road Runner was also in the middle of a 20% off sale, which meant I got a refund of $15. Day was officially made and it wasn’t even lunch time! Can you say running addict bliss?

My heart grew three sizes that day, my love for Road Runner Sports and Newton is profound.

As they like to say, #hellobetter.


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