First World Problems

Long time no post. I have legit excuses, a lot has happened since my last post. I ran another half marathon (that I meant to blog about, oops!). I am a Mrs! That is actually the main reason for lack of posts. I’m slowly emerging from the craziness of wedding planning. I managed to keep up my three day a week run schedule in spite of all the craziness. It’s a good thing I scheduled my last half marathon just a few weeks before the wedding, otherwise it would’ve been bye bye running! I was up to my neck in glitter, seating charts and hot glue. Oh pinterest, so good, yet so bad.

The wedding was beautiful and though it may sound cliche, was the best day of my life.

Immediately after the wedding we left for our honeymoon, which was quite frankly the best vacation of my life. We went to Bali in Indonesia. With layovers, it took us over a day to get there, but it was more than worth it. We quickly figured out that not very many Americans vacation in Bali because it is such an ordeal to get there, maybe not an ordeal it just takes FOR-EV-ER. But as soon as I saw the aqua ocean water, it made the trek over seem only 15 minutes long. Snorkeling, fries, pool, fries, scuba diving, fries, rice paddies, fries, paddle boarding, fries, monkey temple, fries, hope you’re getting the not so subtle hint that I indulged in my favorite guilty pleasure after the wedding. No dress to fit into? Keep the fries coming.

I absolutely loved Bali and now resemble a timeshare salesman trying to convince my friends to go there.

And what kind of runner would I be if I didn’t bring my running shoes on my honeymoon? I toned it down a bit though, we were traveling for 15 days and I squeezed in four runs. Jet lag and sea sickness were a tad disabling.

One of the things I love about running is exploring new places on your own two feet. We stayed on the Nusa Lembongan island for the first few days. It was beautiful, a little more remote and laid-back, just like the lyrics to a Jack Johnson song. The other leg of our trip was in resort happy Nusa Dua, in the southern part of Bali.

The humidity kills in Bali. I had to get up before the sun in order to run without passing out. My clothes were always uncomfortably wet by the end of the run.

As I ran through the village, I suddenly felt very privileged. That early in the morning, the streets were bustling with people walking or riding scooters on their way to work. Families of five piled onto the back of a small scooter, old women walking briskly with a basket on their head. I got a few head turns and stares as I jogged by in my bright pink moisture wicking shirt. I felt strangely out of place. I realized that it is a blessing to run for fun.

Most of the people in the village had to walk a mile or more to get to work. They were walking for survival, while I was on a running to keep up my fitness level and make myself not feel as bad for ordering fries by the pool. I let that sink in as I finished my run. As I was running I saw a small old lady walking, a man on a scooter stopped to offer her a ride. She jumped on and they were off. I was thankful for the opportunity to see and somewhat experience a typical local morning. On this initial run, I saw one other runner who was obviously a tourist as well. I’ll say it again, it is a blessing to run for fun.

After Lembongan, we stayed at a luxurious resort on Nusa Dua, the beachfront was lined with different hotels. With more hotels, came more tourists, which meant more fellow runners. The path that I ran on was nicely paved. I ran on it for 5 miles and passed resort, after resort, after resort. There were a lot of other running tourists that took advantage of that jogging path. It felt more “normal”, and definitely a stark contrast to running on Lembongan.

The photos below are from my runs on Nusa Dua. I finally remembered to bring my phone with me to snap a few shots. Even though my shirt would be soaked after each run, running in Bali was a highlight of the honeymoon. I had some of the most beautiful runs that I can remember. I got to see the sun rise and all the beautiful colors that come along with it, I ran along the beach and I didn’t even need music as I was quite content to listen to the ocean waves hit the shore.

It was everything I love about running: picturesque, being able to spend tine enjoying God’s creation and nature, and a time of quiet and dedicated time to think and reflect.








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