Half Way There!

What would we do without nifty apps and websites? My detail oriented/OCD nature is so very thankful for apps like MapMyRun. They email me every week with my weekly workout summary. I just received an email from them for my Mid-Year check up! We are now more than half way into 2014 folks.

Here is my “greatness at a glance” (oh the positivity that comes with this app, it’s almost better than a real life friend!).



My favorite stat is how all the hours I’ve logged running cumulate into DAYS. DAYS! I’ve spent a holiday weekend running, so great.

This little reminder made me think about the goals I had set at the beginning of the year. I just looked up my 2014 Runsolutions and here’s an update on my progress so far:

1. Run three half marathons
On my way to this one. I ran one in May. I’m signed up for another one in August. Just need to register for one more in the Fall!

2. Run 800-900 miles
If I keep up the weekly mileage I’ll hit 800 no problem. Honestly, I wish I could get to 1,000. But with my knee still acting up, I’m only letting myself run three days a week and it’s hard to log more than 20 miles running only three days a week.

I have not incorporated speed work into my runs, but I have been getting faster. My average time is somewhere between 10:00-10:30 mile depending on the day. I think last year my average was 11:00. Definitely progress!

4. Set a half-marathon PR
CHECK! CHECK! CHECK! The half marathon I ran in May I ran in 2:10:35, which works out to about a 9:58 mile. Not only did I sent a PR, I blew my last PR out of the water by ELEVEN minutes! I even ended up having to walk a few portions of the race towards the end because of my knee. Quite proud of this one!

5. Cross and strength train
Crickets. Crickets. Ehem. Wake up call.

6. Kick the IT Band Pain to the Curb
I wish I could say this one was taken care of. I’m still struggling with some knee pain. I’ve limited my running to three days a week and I’ve only been running on the trail. I I stick to that regimen, it does’t flare up like it used to. I’ve also been using the video below to strengthen the muscles around the IT band (hey look at that, I guess goal #5 hasn’t completely been forgotten!).



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