The IT Band Saga

This is how I feel about my current IT band issues:

IT Band Wizard Angst

That’s right, IT band syndrome wizard angst.

I was happily closing the chapter on the ITBS chapter of my running life, but much to my displeasure the chapter is dragging on and on. Actually it’s not even a chapter any more, it’s 5,000 page novel. Some may even call it a saga. You know the type of book that is so long that they turn it into a two part movie (but let’s be real here, two part movies is an easy peasy way for Hollywood to make double the money off of you).

I’ve been going to a physical therapist  for my ITBS. He has been using the graston technique, a metal bar that grinds into your tissues. I grit my teeth and use all of my will power not to kick him in the face as he digs that little metal stick into my leg. The old saying “no pain no gain” rings true, because as much pain as it causes during my sessions, it has been surprisingly effective in healing my ITBS. I was able to go back to four days a week of running, I added street running back into the routine, I took less walking breaks. The pain I had dealt with the past year was magically gone.

Or so I thought…

The week before the Disneyland half marathon, my ITBS started flaring up again and it wasn’t pretty. It wasn’t just the small pain that you can run through. It was a crippling possibly doing permanent damage type of pain. I made an emergency appointment right before the half marathon with my physical therapist. I believe that helped me get through the race without too much pain.

I went to see him this week again and asked him what the reason could be for the flare up. Everything was going so well. I just didn’t understand. His answer? “It’s just an overuse injury, so things like this will just happen.”

So you’re telling me even though I come here weekly, spend an hour and a half in your office each visit, shell out $100 a session, let you dig a metal bar into my leg, do my strength exercises at home, that this issue will continue to just flare up every once in a while?

Great news. I’m thrilled. In keeping with the Harry Potter themed gifs this post. This thoroughly portrays my enthusiasm:


I guess it’s back to my own remedy of not running on consecutive days, sticking to softer surfaces and keeping up with my foam rolling and hip/leg strengthening exercises. I’ll continue going to the PT but a little less regularly as I’ve been paying out of pocket.

And the saga continues…


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7 thoughts on “The IT Band Saga”

  1. Hey!!! Just thought I’d drop in and say HEY, also that I’m a competitive runner that used to have TONS of issues with my right IT Band!! I mean, I would get so depressed because nothing would work, but then…I discovered yoga and I’m the biggest yogi now and although I’m not a doctor, etc…I am a firm believer that yoga is the cure!! I run lots and lots now, even training for a half marathon in October and have had NO IT Pain!! Yoga was my cure!! I’ve had people roll it out and do all sorts of stuff to it in the past, but it never went away until I picked up power yoga!! Hope you have a fabulous weekend!!! XOXO!!!

      1. Hey!!! I’m obsessed with Bryan Kest Power Yoga (!! He also has a DVD called Bryan Kest’s Power Yoga!! I’ve been practicing his power yoga for many, many years and have even met him!! I promise you, he’s fabulous!! I usually practice 4-5 times a week, but assure you that you don’t need to practice that many times to get the benefits. Even a couple days a week will do the trick. I begin yoga teacher training in October so I’ve been practicing more lately. If you have any questions, please let me know!!! XOXO!!

      1. I do Bikram which is the Hot Stuff. Room is at 103 degrees and humidity is around 40%. It can vary class to class and location to location. I like it because it made my core stronger which helped my running It also strengthened my quads. I’m not sure which specific poses would help alleviate your problem. It couldn’t hurt to try. The results you want might take a few weeks but if it works…

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