Better Together

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A quick snap on my 4 mile run this morning.

This morning I had a 6:30am meeting. SIX-THIRTY AM. SIX-THIRTY! Oh the life of a high school sports coach. 6:30am is apparently the only time that high school coaches can meet.

As I drove back home, I had already made my mind up that I wasn’t going to run. I like to run as soon as I get up, if I wait too long I get too hungry. I decided it was going to be a “cross training day” which actually translates to a no workout day.

I opened the door to find my husband sitting on the floor tying his shoe laces.

If he can do it, I can do it.

I quickly changed to running clothes and we began our run together. My husband wanted to run two miles, so I ran the first mile with him. A half mile into the run, I decided I was going to run four. After one mile, we parted ways and he turned around and ran back home and I continued for a few more miles. The photo above was snapped on my run. As we were running, we were talking about how both of us wanted to be lazy today, but we knew that we would feel better and actually have more energy if we went out for a run.

The past two weeks I’ve been lacking in motivation for anything fitness related. But there’s one thing that gets me out the door every time: running with friends. I used to hate running with other people. I was self conscious about how slow I was. I hated feeling the pressure of keeping up with someone and felt to embarrassed to ask people to take walking breaks. While I’m not completely over this, I do enjoy running with people more than I used to. I run with people who are about my size (and that’s fun size aka short) and/or have a similar pace as me.

Running with friends has been an awesome way to keep me accountable for actually running, especially when I don’t have the race motivation factor. If I know someone else is waiting for me, I can’t lie in bed aimlessly scrolling through my facebook newsfeed.

This week I plan on running three times, and I have a running buddy for each day.

Friends for the win!


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