Signs of Fall

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“It’s SO cold,” I lamented to my running buddy this morning. I had debated throwing a sweatshirt on. I ended up deciding against it as the temperature has been running in the mid 80s this past week.  One of the perks of living in the Bay Area is the Indian summer that extends summer into September/October. While I’m basking in 90 degree weather, there are still signs that make me face the reality that Fall is actually here.

The tell tale signs of fall are the shorter days. My running buddy and I were forced to move our morning run back by 15 minutes. We showed up last week to run in pitch black. I snapped the photo above during our run. When I was training for my marathon last year, I’d religiously check the sun rise time to figure out the earliest possible time I could start my run. I figured out I could start about 15-20 minutes before the set sunrise time. The sad thing about fall is having to start my runs later due to the later sunrise (but I also count this as a positive thing, since I get a little more snuggle time with my pillow!).

Today, we ran our 4 miler 15 minutes later. It’s amazing what a difference 15 minutes makes. Starting 15 minutes earlier allowed us to finish early enough to miss the craziness of the morning commute/moms driving their kids to school traffic. An extra 15 minutes makes my strength training/abs/stretching post-run routine and shower a lot less rushed. An extra 15 minutes also gave me enough time to have a bizarre dream about running a marathon, and a Disney marathon at that, on a whim 🙂 Yes, my running addiction is even consuming my dream life now.

There’s no denying it. Fall is here.

Running leggings and sweatshirts, I’m coming for you!



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