Morning Workout Tips from See Val Run

Morning Routine Running Tips

As I drove my car this morning to the local trail in the pitch blackness of the morning, I thought about how this is even possible. How does one wake up morning after morning to go on several mile runs. The morning light is beautiful, but my bed and snuggly duvet cover is beautiful as well. I don’t claim to be an expert, I’ve only been running for a few years now, but I am an expert in routine and discipline. As with most things in life, to make things more efficient and effective for myself I come up with an action plan to help me achieve my goals. I wanted to share some ways to make waking up early for those sunrise runs a little more bearable.

1. Go to bed early
This may be a no brainer, but ever since I’ve become a consistent runner, my bed times have also become more consistent. Especially the night before a long run, I want to make sure that my body is energized and ready to go. I used to suffer from insomnia, which thankfully has subsided, but getting enough sleep is always an essential part of my routine.

2. Set out your running clothes the night before
I read this on a running blog before and it is one of the best tips that I’ve added to my routine. I’ll throw my shirt, shorts (with fall coming, capris!), socks, sports bra and GPS watch into a pile (not gonna lie, I’m too lazy to fold them neatly, they are always in a big, messy heap) near the foot of my bed. I don’t even need to think in the morning when I get up. I just grab those bad bays, change and head out the door.

3. Run with a friend
There’s no better accountability to get up and run than running with a friend. As much as I want to hit snooze on my alarm, I know that my friend Erica will be there at the trail waiting for me. Don’t want to keep her there waiting long and I especially don’t want to make her late to work on account of getting a late start running!

4. DON’T lie in your bed and browse social media!
This one is mostly to keep myself accountable. I’ve been guilty the past month of skipping runs to snuggle in my bed and keep up to date on my social media accounts. “Just five more minutes,” I tell myself. Five minutes turns into ten minutes and ten minutes is the equivalent of a MILE. In that 10 minutes I wasted keeping up with the Jonses, I could’ve already been one mile into my run. No more social media checking til after my runs.

What helps you get up in the morning to run?


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3 thoughts on “Morning Routine Running Tips”

  1. A great list indeed!! I find #1 & #4 to be key! I also find knowing exactly what I’m going to run/swim the night before helps me to mentally prepare for the following morning. Have a great day!! xoxo

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