2014 Runner’s Gift Guide

See Val Run // 2014 Runner's Gift Guide

For the crazy and addicited runner in your life. Here’s a few ideas for this holiday season. This list is comprised of a few of my personal favorites and a few that are listed are in constant use in my daily life and have the “See Val Run” stamp of approval (if you were wondering they are the Flip Belt, Garmin GPS watch, Alex Water Bottle).

From left to right
1. Flip Belt in Nuclear Yellow- $29
2. Born to Run – $11
3. Sparkle Athletics Gold Running Skirt – $25
4. Road ID – The Wrist ID Slim – $18
5. Retro Marathon Inspirational Quote Print – $10
6. Garmin GPS Forerunner 210 (multicolor) – $180
7. Alex Water Bottle – $26
8. Run Rest Repeat GoDRY Active Tank – $7 (sale price as of 12/10/14)


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