26.2 Miles Later


I have a shiny new medal.


San Diego or Bust: Marathon Packing List


Getting packed and ready to go! I left my packing list at work, so had to try and get everything together by memory. I have one short run tomorrow morning, so my shoes will be the last thing to be thrown in.

Here’s my marathon packing list:

Racing Essentials

  1. Running shirt
  2. Running shorts
  3. Sports Bra
  4. Socks
  5. Hat
  6. Spibelt
  7. Garmin watch
  8. iPhone
  9. Single head phone
  10. Cliff Shot Gels


  1. Oodles of snacks (Pretzels, Swedish fish, nuts, popcorn)
  2. Race day breakfast (Bananas, peanut butter, bread)
  3. Water bottle


  1. Chargers for all my electronics
  2. Compression socks
  3. Body glide
  4. Melatonin (I know I’m going to have a hard time sleeping, too excited for race day!)
  5. Sunscreen
  6. Burt’s Bee’s chap stick

Let’s do this!

Week 17: DONE!

Who knew that tapering could be so hard? I was starting to second guess myself as I started my taper schedule last week. Shorter mileage, should be easier right? Wrong. When is anything easy in marathon training.

I started worrying that perhaps I’ve been overtraining and that’s why the past two weeks have been so hard for me. It could be that it is just a mental hurdle. I’ve been looking forward to the taper weeks since the beginning of the program. Only four miles today? No big deal. I got this. During the rest of my training, the number of miles I was running each day was always daunting. I had to make myself mentally tough to get some of those workouts done. So could it be possible that since I let my mental guard down that “only” running 4 miles, felt like an eternity?

Needless to say. I just finished my last semi-long run. 8 miler today. It went a lot better than I had anticipated. Good run to end the week on. The confidence is increasing ever so slightly.

ONE MORE WEEK. San Diego, or bust!

Insane and dumb

Entering into week 15 of my marathon training. I’ve always struggled with what to do for my cross training days. I don’t belong to a gym, so ellipticals and bike machines are out. I don’t own a bike, so actual cycling is out. I attempted to buy a bike for the purpose of cross training, but the prices were so high I balked at actually buying one. I don’t swim, period. As a young person just trying to stay in shape, I used to swim laps at my local gym. I quite enjoyed it, until an old wrinkly man told me that I had bad form and that I should watch the girl in the far lane who must’ve been on a swim team because her technique was so refined. That being said, I haven’t swam since.

At the beginning of this training, I was also doing Insanity three days a week with a friend for moral support. I used this for my cross training until the end of March, the same time my friend completed her 60 days of Insanity. Since then, my schedule’s been pretty busy. Traveling, vacations, etc. Not much time to cross train, but thankfully I happened to walk around a lot on my cross training days, so I ended up using walking for cross training.

Fast forward to the end of week 14. I had a free Saturday and was supposed to cross train. I missed my dates with Shaun T, so I decided to do a session of Insanity. 

I have always considered myself a little insane when it comes to training, but this was just dumb. My sister says I’m walking like an old man and I can’t argue with her. I think I need to stick with walking for my cross training.

Sorry Shaun T, as much as I love you. We will have to wait to be reunited until after my marathon. Much love to you and Josh.

The awkward moment when you trip and fall

I remember about a year ago, my friend, who is also a runner, took a pretty nasty tumble. She banged up her knee and hands and had to take a few days off from running.

“It’s so awkward to fall when you’re an adult!” she exclaimed.

And now, I can feel her pain. I was running today and there was a small-ish circle object on the road, this object didn’t become clear to me until after the fact. The circle object attacked my foot. Like a carefully thought out trap, my shoe became stuck in the circle object and I got to meet the pavement face to face.

My thoughts immediately went to my iPhone because I run with it in my hand. Thankfully, I was able to catch myself a little bit as I fell. Enough to fall more on my right side and keep my iPhone unscathed. 

I have a few cuts on that one hand. It’s not as bad as it could’ve been, but I’m not a fan of falling, especially as an adult.

The Quest for 26.2

Certifiably insane. I signed up for my very first marathon. 

I’m about 3 months into my training. Just logged my longest run (20 miles). I know this is a little late in the gain, but I wanted to document the remaining month of my training. I’m kicking myself for not having the idea to chronicle this earlier, but gotta work with what you have.

I’ll be running the Rock N Roll San Diego the first weekend of June. That date cannot come fast enough. 


26.2, here’s to you.