Weekly Training Recap

Mon: 4 miles

Tues: 4 miles – 558 ft elevation gain
Hills day! My running partner and I made it a new years resolutions to tackle hills on our weekly runs. We finally mustered up the courage to run at an infamously hilly trail. We have a lot of work to do as this run included a lot of walking, but getting there is half the battle right?

Wed: Rest Day

Thurs: 1 mile 
Attempting to run four days a week again. Last time I ran 4 days a week, my ITBS started flaring up. Hoping that all the strength training, stretching and foam rolling will help the ITBS be a thing of the past.

Fri: 10 miles – 105 ft gain
Ran the first two miles with my husband, made the 10 miles go by much faster! Even though I dread getting up earlier for long runs, I always feel so great afterwards – especially after a double digit run!

Sat: Insanity: Cardio Power & Resistance
Posting this before it actually happens with the hopes that it will actually make me do it 😉

Total mileage: 19 miles

T-minus 9 weeks til the San Francisco Rock N Roll.


Insane and dumb

Entering into week 15 of my marathon training. I’ve always struggled with what to do for my cross training days. I don’t belong to a gym, so ellipticals and bike machines are out. I don’t own a bike, so actual cycling is out. I attempted to buy a bike for the purpose of cross training, but the prices were so high I balked at actually buying one. I don’t swim, period. As a young person just trying to stay in shape, I used to swim laps at my local gym. I quite enjoyed it, until an old wrinkly man told me that I had bad form and that I should watch the girl in the far lane who must’ve been on a swim team because her technique was so refined. That being said, I haven’t swam since.

At the beginning of this training, I was also doing Insanity three days a week with a friend for moral support. I used this for my cross training until the end of March, the same time my friend completed her 60 days of Insanity. Since then, my schedule’s been pretty busy. Traveling, vacations, etc. Not much time to cross train, but thankfully I happened to walk around a lot on my cross training days, so I ended up using walking for cross training.

Fast forward to the end of week 14. I had a free Saturday and was supposed to cross train. I missed my dates with Shaun T, so I decided to do a session of Insanity. 

I have always considered myself a little insane when it comes to training, but this was just dumb. My sister says I’m walking like an old man and I can’t argue with her. I think I need to stick with walking for my cross training.

Sorry Shaun T, as much as I love you. We will have to wait to be reunited until after my marathon. Much love to you and Josh.